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Forming Models

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Nature of Business

The proposed business is Aromatic and Medicinal oil extractions from Aromatic plants , Medicinal Plants for Medical Botanicals, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Herbal and Other Processing Industries. Aromatic plants are defined as plants possessing odoriferous and steam volatile substance occurring as essential oils, gum exudates, balsam and Oleoresin in one or more parts such as roots, bark, heart wood, foliage, flower, fruits, seeds, etc.

Processed for better purity and quality extracts. Further, organically grown Medicinal and Aromatic plants with Authentic International Certification assure the consumer of the total elimination of pesticide, fungicide, herbicides, and other harmful chemical residues from the extracts.

The present industry / business is aimed at cultivation, distillation and marketing pure and safe extracts for the aromatic botanical extracts and phyto-chemical processing industries.

Brief Description of the Business Plan

Root One Natural Farms and Industries Pvt Ltd., proposes to establish in India through a careful Subject Matter Experts & technical management group, Extraction through Steam Distillation of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants for Medicinal Botanicals, Intermediaries Organic Herbal Health Foods, Spice oils and Oleoresins, Processed Precious and Semi-Precious Herbs for direct industrial raw-materials for the Nutraceutical industry.

This independent group striving for a common goal of establishing world class facilities for the Captive Extraction of High Value Added Natural / Organic End Products.

The proposed unit will be in a position to achieve product excellence and obtaining extracts of global quality standards. This will give ROOT ONE GROUP an advantageous position for getting the best prices for all the proposed products.



It is now a well known fact, proven beyond reasonable doubt that, allopathic drugs have ghastly side effects and should not be used in excess, expecting in life threatening situations. Herbal alternatives derived from medicinal botanicals are the safe alternative to allopathic drugs, with absolutely no adverse side effects. The present project will help make available many life saving herbal extracts available on a large scale and this contribute immensely to a human health care field.

The food industry is also reorienting itself to eliminate artificial coloring substances and chemical food additives, SINCE IT IS ESTABLISHED THAT MOST OF THESE ADDITIVES ARE CARCINOGENIC. There is a trend in the industry to replace these with natural coloring substances and safe herbal additives. The market for these natural products of herbal origin is growing tremendously, every year.

Synthetic chemical fragrances and aromatic substitutes are on the way out. All the perfumery, beauty aids, fragrance and skin & beauty care product manufacturers are reorienting themselves for using natural extracts from aromatic and essential products.

The rapid and often times indiscriminate and unethical advancement of allopathic medicinal system in the developing world have resulted in the gross neglect of the traditional herbal system of medicine. The knowledge of the cultivation and techniques of utilization of many important herbs is vanishing rapidly, mainly because there is no sustained demand for these products. Many herbs are even becoming rare or extinct. The large scale operations proposed in the present project would certainly give an impetus to the farming communities in different parts of India, to take up the cultivation of these herbs on a large scale and help in reviving this wonderful alternative agricultural sector for local healthcare, and preserve the great bio-resources of the humanity as a heritage for the future generations.

The cultivation of herbs on a large scale to be encouraged indirectly in the present project for procuring raw materials for the extraction process through long-term purchase contracts with the farmers as conceived in the present project proposal would go a long way in creating large-scale local employment to a large number of the rural population and improve their standard of living as well.

The precious foreign exchange earnings from the exports from the present project would mitigate the balance of payments position for India.

The herbal products serve the Social Good, Preventive Health Care, Nutraceutical, Food processing and Personal Care ("Look Good, Feel Good & Serve Good") industries, whose combined international business is expected to be several trillion dollars.

Notes: 'Well-Being' Industry encompasses 'Food and Nutrition', 'Health and Wellness' and 'Beauty and Personal Care' segments.


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