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About us

Root One Natural Farms and industries Pvt.Ltd. since 2010 has been conducting research and development activities in Agriculture, horticulture and Livestock with visionary approach towards sustainable model.

We have identified the need to introduce enterprise resource planning and execution to fill in the gaps in present farming by introducing modern technology with ancient philosophy or methodologies.

We have involved in conducting several workshops throughout Andhra Pradesh of Desi cow based integrated sustainable zero budget natural farming methodologies.

Company has constituted with subject matter experts who has more than three decades of industry expertise in Aromatic, Medicinal, Horticulture and Commercial Agriculture crops with experience in cultivation, harvesting, extraction, backward integration, Management, imports & exports.

ROOTONELABS "on the ground" experience, in conjunction with a wide variety of corporate and government experience contained within its 50-strong consultant base, positions it to offer a unique perspective in areas.

Some of our strengths


By Capitalizing on India's rich resource endowment in terms of wide variants of divergent herbal gene pool, well supported superior agricultural micro-climates and highly educated but low-cost technocrat and skilled manpower resources, Root One Group will create a spice/herb production and processing operation, which within few years will be turned into a Leader in 'Herbal Extractions' and 'Botanical Molecular Isolation' business, that garners leading market share of various industrial segments serving the more than rapidly growing 'Well-Being' Industry.


  • Globally unique project first time of its kind in the world
  • Agricultural Life Cycle Model-5F - Food, Feed, Fodder, Fuel & Fertilizer
  • Social Good, Farmer & Eco friendly , Environmental Health Science Projects
  • Credibility target with farming community and global marketing arena.
  • To become a world strategical player in this sector.


  • Global standard quality.
  • Global required volume.
  • Global competitive price.
  • Sustainable continuous supply.


  • Innovative ideas.
  • More than 30 years of experience as subject matter experts in field of activities.
  • Experts in backward and forward integration.
  • Ultimate value addition for Zero Budget Natural Farming.
  • Moral values (sharing industrial profits with farmers in addition to minimum support price)


Corporate Farming , Contract Farming , Cooperative Farming